New Hedge: Cul-de-Sac

Fellow Residents,

Hope this Summer is treating you well. I wanted to inform you of a “Great Team Effort” resulting a new hedge at the back of the cul-de-sac on Fairway Court. The project included removal of over 200 feet of the existing hedge, preparation and planting  of 65 new Calusa hedges and adjustments & repair to the sprinkler system where necessary. The cost was shared between the club and community and absorbed in our annual budget. This project was a great cooperative effort between the Club, Brightview Landscaping and our project coordinator Alex Markley.

Special Thanks to the following individuals that made it happen:

  • Elvis Gooden – Strand CEO
  • Devin Piebes – Strand Director of Golf Course Maintenance
  • Marcus May – Brightview Regional Manager
  • Alex Markley – Links Board VP. and Project Coordinator
  • Joe Cornacchio – Links Water Commissioner
  • The hardworking Strand and Brightview Landscaping Teams

All the best!

Joe Domenico

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